Scribbled Ideas in My Little Chocolate Brown Journal

Ideas Captured in a Journal

My oldest daughter gave me a journal with a supporting pair of socks. A strange combination, I know. However, there is a logical connection – chocolate. “If you can read this – Bring me chocolate” is the message on the socks. “Chocolate is the Answer – who cares what the Question is” is on the cover of the journal. This girl knows her mother.

A journal takes place of all the little slips of paper I would write on – ideas, lists, and suggestions – only to have them disappear..

What do I Write?

I’ll give you a glimpse into my chocolate journal. Four passwords are written on the inside cover, but they are vitally important. I especially need help with my google passwords. I frequently want to look up my passwords I have asked the computer to save for me. Google wont’ let me in unless I tell them my password to Google. Hello! I need to see my password list to look it up since you won’t auto fill in the blank. So I wrote it on the front cover, a prominent spot where I can easily find it until the cover comes off from so much use.

Lots of “to do” lists; names I know somehow are GS camp related, but not sure how; a sketch of a quilt border idea; a sketch of several quilt blocks to see what secondary blocks will appear; dates of YouTube classes I want to watch; and a couple pages devoted to what is overwhelming me, how I feel about them, and realistic solutions and/or temporary fixes. I’ve also scribbled out several pages of weekly goals to aim for and what I should focus on each month. Writing those had to be on super energetic days. Just reading through them now makes me want to take a nap.

What I don’t Write!

Unless I have a deadline to meet, I don’t give my “to do” lists specific days certain bench marks must be met. Day activities are suggestions. Suggestions eliminate wasted time looking for something to work on. Also, I find I get more accomplished.

Accomplishment a Measure of Worth

When someone asks if you have had a good day or bad day, what is your measure to know how to a respond? I grade a day by how much I have accomplished. As a result, I find it impossible to relax physically and mentally at the same time.

This is not uncommon behavior for me. My love of reading filled the time for me as a kid. I still enjoy reading in the evening while listening to TV. If not reading, I am using my hands sewing, embroidering, or writing. I also catch up on emails and read to learn new things. Perhaps my passion for learning is the driving force for what makes me who I am.

My journal captures thoughts, ideas, suggestions, lists. The contents in the journal gives me a basis to judge the week and my participation in making it good.