From Prototype to “Party Pocket”

Mid-November I was asked to help a team of college marketing majors to help take their design literally made of folded paper and turn it into a cloth prototype.  I thought their idea was rather clever and agreed to sew for them in the prototype development.

Over the next several weeks, I constructed prototypes per instruction, submitted the examples, revised as requested, and searched for materials to purchase in bulk.  At last, the prototype was approved for production early February!  The Party Pocket was becoming a reality in the retail market!

The prototype development was an interesting journey.  Although time consuming, I still had time to stick with my 2017 plans to grow creatively and increase business.

Since the team did not know where else to go to have their the Party Pocket made, I agreed and accepted the original order of 40 pockets.  I have delivered 20 of the 40 from the original order a week ago and should have another 10 ready early next week.  Sales are doing well!

Now, it is time for me to be real about what I can do while helping the Party Pocket team enjoy the success of coming up with a product that sells.  I’m going to take some time this weekend to rewrite the the business plans for the next few weeks.  I think I will write at the top of each page of the calendar “BE REALISTIC”.  I love making plans, but have a tendency to underestimate the time a task will take and/or the amount of energy I really have!  This week has showed me working day and night is not a pace I can continue, nor do I want to.

A brief description of a Party Pocket would start with explaining the intent behind the idea.  Women wanting to enjoy the freedom of not having to carry a purse, but have a safe and secure way to take the necessities (license/ID, cash, credit card, keys, lipstick) are the target customers for the Party Pocket.  Smaller than a smartphone, it can be attached to a bra strap, discreetly tucked out of site.  Want to include your phone?  An elastic strap configuration held close to the back of the pocket by 3 magnetic snaps takes care of the phone.  Wear the pocket with or without the phone by lacing a wide elastic strap through the back of the pocket , adjusting size using the 4 spaced magnetic snaps allowing it to be worn on the upper arm or leg like a garter.

Some special features are a clear vinyl pocket for displaying your license/ID directly under the envelop style outer closure.  The interior pocket contents are secured with industrial strength velcro.

I encourage you to  check out the website the team has to accept Party Pocket orders.  for color choices.  Outer fabric is peach skin, just as soft as the name, and offered in black or fuschia.  Each pocket is lined with satin – ivory in the fuschia; black or hot pink with the black peach skin.  All come with black elastic straps.  Introductory price for all three pieces is just $14.99, plus shipping.

Party Pocket - Black