Increasing My Following: Won’t You Be My Follower

I was away doing a personal inventory.  As a result, I have a clearer focus on what role I want in the cyber world of blogging and e-commerce.  You probably don’t want to miss out seeing where I am going.  Easy fix – increase my following by signing up below.


So, I’ll attempt to curb my urge to write lengthy posts and work to build a following regardless of what draws them to the site – inspiring posts, wealth of related information, and a desire to learn.  Or you could tell your friends to sign up so you will have something to talk about.  Then again, it could be my crazy sense of humor, you want/need to live vicariously through someone else, or you are family or friend with me on your radar as it is important to you to know where I am.

I’ve made it pretty easy for you to be a follower (follower is not a negative in this sense; you know like always a follower – never a  leader.  Or is that always a bridesmaid and never a bride?  Doesn’t matter.).  Anyone who signs up below to receive email notice of my postings is brilliant, like a diamond in the sun!

Need more incentives to sign-up?  Do special discounts, early announcement of sales help?  Well, that is part of the enticement package you get.  So sign up.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go feed my birds.  Should have done it earlier, but the puppy was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him.


Note to self:  Write shorter sentences so followers don’t have to reread them to figure out what in the heck you were talking about as if you knew and didn’t stop to reread before finishing them.
Another note to self re: Future Blog Idea:  (Did i just erroneously overuse 😕 or does it matter since I am writing to myself and apparently don’t know the answer) Introduce what StitcherMade is, how it will work (hopefully) and my struggle to introduce all the plug-ins needed to play nice together.  Can’t believe I took on this task when all I really want to do is sew.  I need to sew to have things ready for StitcherMade.  Am I a tail wagging the dog?