I Got a Necchi and She is Beautiful!!!

I am so excited to share with you my Lelia Necchi, a sweetie from Italy!  We are still in the cleaning and oiling stage of our relationship, having transferred her from a machine cabinet not made to hold a Necchi, to the cherry wood cabinet I bought awhile back and just knew someday I would find a nice Necchi needing a new home.  Lelia, made sometime in the 1960’s, sews a straight stitch and zig zag.  I am waiting to receive the manual I ordered for this model to learn what else she can do.  I do know the hole you see mid-top (no, it is not a skype camera) is where a special dial is inserted for making a buttonholes.  Being able to make buttonholes without an attachment and templates was a welcomed improvement in the design of machines.

The lady, where Lelia came from, was also looking for someone to help her whittle down her stash.  Well, I was more than willing and did indeed relieve her of several yards – she has more room now and I got super fabric at an incredible savings!  A win-win for both of us and hopefully the beginning of a new friendship.

Thimbleberries Block of the Month Kit
Blue hand embroidery wall hanging.

Here are some photos of all the fabric except for 13 yards I bought for redoing my valence in my living room (couldn’t believe how good it goes with the new drapes!).  Photos of that fabric when I get the living room new look done! 

Temporary storage of all of it.