Holiday Stress Be Gone



‘Tis the Season to be Stressed, Fa La La La Growl and Hiss

Do you allow the holidays to become stressful?  Stress levels soar when you put unrealistic expectations on yourself and others, especially at this time of the year.  Gifts to buy, baking to do, menus to plan, preparing for guests, decorating the house, wrapping the gifts, more shopping to do, mail the packages on time, accept every party invitation and meet-up for lunch or drinks – just a few of the pressures that can zap the joy right out of the holidays!

Live in the Moment

A stress free December is my goal.   My approach is so simple and not so difficult to do.  I’m living in the moment!  Yes, that is my solution.  Ask what will happen if something doesn’t get done, isn’t perfect, or arrives late?  Most likely nothing earth shattering.  My note to self for making special gifts to give for Christmas reads “Start in July”.  Good advice for any quilter/maker!

Are you having more frequent headaches?  Are you resenting the things you feel you must do?  Likewise, if you are feeling your temper getting shorter when someone beats you to the parking space or the checkout line is long, my guess is you are feeling stress.  I approach such situations from how I can use it to my advantage.  For example, standing in line is a great time to relax and send or reply to texts.  In other words, living in the moment has been great for eliminating stress.

Share Your Secrets to No More Stress – Do Away with Growl and Hiss

What is your method of making it through the holidays?  Do you have shortcuts to serenity like letting the store do your wrapping?  Shopping online with delivery to your home or the home of the recipient would work well for many.  Share your secrets to stress free holidays with us in the comments below!

Nothing like Mickey Mouse to make things right and add a smile!

PS:  Am I the only one who thinks it looks like his tail is growing out of his foot?   And is his other leg on backwards?