Helping Children in the Hospital

Helping children in the hospital is why the response to my community was fantastic, especially the high school students (male and female) who showed up and worked long hours side by side. My thanks to all!


In a nut shell, the Marybridge Children's Hospital pillowcase charity group put together by Stitcher of Sewing with Stitcher and Amy/Thumper of Girl Scout Camp Oh Ah Lay Lay will be meeting at Graham Library, November 13, between 10AM and 10PM, to sew until we have more pillowcases to give the surgery floor and tiny fleece blankets requested by the NIC unit, than they have ever received at one time! That means over 100 pillowcases and blankets need to be made! We CAN and WILL do it! Want to help? Read on.

Older teens and adults needed to sew, cut, and press. A few sewing machines, irons/ironing boards, rotary cutters and mats will be donated by Sewing with Stitcher for the day. If you have your own, please bring them. In addition, flannel and cotton prints (at least 3/4 yard for pillowcase body and 1/4 yard for cuff) are needed for the pillowcases and polar fleece for NIC blankets (minimum 2/3 yd small print or solid color). If you can bring some with you to add to what we already have, that will certainly help us reach our goal.

Someone with an embroidery machine would be welcomed to add a small animal or heart shape to the NIC blankets to make them extra special.

We gladly accept donations of new cotton fabric for the pillowcases and now polar fleece for the blankets. Financial donations are also accepted and will be used to purchase fabric and thread. Text 253-592-0076 or message me if you would like to participate in this way.  

Snacks are always welcomed - sugar keeps the energy flowing! If you will be helping out at noon and bring a potluck dish to share with at least 10 people, you may take part in feasting with others who have contributed food for the potluck. I will provide a dish and plates, napkins, and plastic ware. Don't forget serving utensils for your own contribution. Bring your own beverage (non-alcoholic, of course). You may also choose to bring a bag lunch and join us for a break and re-energizing our bodies. Dinner at 5:00. Maybe we can chip in for pizza or individual take out from Subway?

I sure hope anyone reading this and living within a reasonable distance from Graham, Washington, will show up to take part in this fun day of giving back to the hospitalized infants, children, and teens of our community! 

Update – Helping Children in the Hospital

An update goes along with huge thank you to all the volunteers. Due to their efforts our children’s hospital now has pillowcases for the surgery ward. Patients get a pillowcase to take home.

More than eighty pillowcases headed to Marybridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma, WA. Also, fifteen polar fleece blankets will go to the NCIU.  They are so soft and warm!

May the children who experience the surgery floor take home a pillowcase that reminds them of how brave they were. And to the little babes in the neonatal intensive care unit, may the warmth of the blankets help you thrive.

Two photos showing only a few of many pillowcases and fleece blankets donated to Marybridge Hospital for their patients on the surgery ward and babies NICU.  Many volunteers came together to make this happen.
Just a few of the pillowcases made by volunteers to donate to a local children’s hospital had them smiling!
Fleece blankets headed to the NICU at Marybridge Hospital in Tacoma, WA thanks to many volunteers.

You Can Help

You can help keep the closets filled at Marybridge Hospital. The surgery floor gives the patients a pillowcase to take home with them, so they are always looking for a variety of prints and solids. NICU loves fleece blankets. Before you start sewing, contact them to see what needs they currently have. For those who want to help a children’s hospital, or any hospital, reach out.

You can read about all the remarkable things happening at Mary Bridge on their website Mary Bridge Children’s – Creating a Healthier Future for Kids.