A Declaration List

The past few years in January, I write a declaration list for the business to reach goals and avoid downfalls. For example, last year I declared I would 1) buy no fabric, and 2) not join any sew-along projects, mystery quilts, or BOMs (block of the month). I was so pleased with myself for living by those declarations for the whole year. In fact, it felt so good I planned to put them as the first two things on my 2021 declarations. However, before I could take the rough draft to a final list…

My friend Monique offered a sew-along to her readers. Monique made this stinkin’ cute nine block churn dash and appliqued quilt design impossible to resist. I have 4 blocks of the nine done.

Shelly, another friend online, does a 350 block challenge each year. I will keep track of how many quilt blocks I make each month; Shelly logs everyone’s count at the end of each month. She awards small prizes to the most made each month and more prizes at the end of 350 days. This is a good year to count. I will be stitching up many of the quilts I’ve already cut pieces for, so 350 should not be hard to reach.

What Other Things are Happening

Quilting on the long arm is underway. I also got the midarm machine functioning on the small frame. There are 15+ quilts of a variety of sizes needing quilted. I could have both quilting machines running at once. The long arm could quilt by computer while I do free motion quilting on the midarm. If I try that, I’ll be sure to let you know how well it went.

I have a bridesmaid dress to shorten. It is a beautiful shade of a dusty blue. I will post a picture when the alterations are completed.

So, did you do anything this weekend that would qualify as mask and distancing fun?