Goal for December: Quilting Marathon

Remainder of 2021 Goal for December

Yes, my goal for December is to quilt all the quilt tops. A tote full became two.! I guessed there were up to 20 some tops. It will be great if I can knock them all out. I guess time will tell how disciplined I am!

Highlights of October/November

The customer loved the two t-shirt quilts I made. The favorite high school shirt made into a pillow was a surprise; the photo captured her delight as she hugged the pillow tight. A large project finished and happy customers – the reason I love what I do!

My daughter in Texas flew up to Washington for my birthday in November and spent some quality time with family here. We made the most of the time we had together.

What is in Store for 2022?

I’m want to seriously focus on the clothing line “Inspired by Judy”. I’ve gathered my sketches plus am doing online research on current eclectic clothing designs. The styles and prices I found online were encouraging.

I have 40 StitcherMade projects to make. A rough guess 150 yards of fabric not yet designated to any particular pattern. I’m sure patterns I’ve collected will inspire my own designs and pattern writing.

Will I do special request projects for customers? I would like to think I’ll continue to be open to custom work. I will have to address each request individually. Currently, I have an order to make valance from my brother and SIL to go on their living room window. My SIL found a picture of what she wants and I feel I will be able to duplicate. I am waiting for the second bolt of fabric for the lining and ruffle to arrive next week. A future post will display photos of the finished valance.

Wrapping Up This Blog and 2021 Posting – Goal for December a Little Daunting

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