Past Years

My Focus in 2016

I’ve reflected on the past 12 months, weighed what “worked” and what didn’t in the business, and thought about my focus in 2016.  

I sure hope you come along with me on my journey through 2016, wherever it takes me!

Did I Keep My Focus in 2016?

2016 I Tried Modern

In 2016, I found myself making a modern quilt – a world away from traditional quilts I make and love! But, when I finished it, I realized the “right” modern patterns could become part of my go to library.  One thing for sure, it was one of the fastest huge quilts tops I’ve ever made!

And Some Focus in 2016 on Traditional Quilts

On the traditional side, I used the Dresden plate pattern to make three wall hangings/tablecloths. These are huge Dresden plates, measuring almost twenty-two inches in diameter.  I’ll use 1930’s fabric to make a queen size Dresden plate bed quilt.

I continue to teach and especially love the young ladies (ages 8 to 12) so eager to learn the art of sewing.  One group has formed their own sewing club. They are close in experience and skills so it is easy to alot time for the focus project done on the machine. Focus the last half hour is hand sewing. They take home a small project to practice and bring back to show their work to the next meeting.  

Helping with a Prototype

Another fun thing I did was to do a prototype for a group majoring in marketing at a local college.  The item was a concealed pocket for carrying a phone, ID and cash/card. This group thought this would be especially useful for ladies not wanting a purse with them. Some activities they thought of were jogging, dancing, attending a concert, and anytime in a crowd. The pocket was the size of a phone, Velcro closure, clear pocket on the outside for ID, and an inside pocket for money or credit/debit card. Either adjustable soft strapping or Velcro secured the pocket to the upper arm or upper thigh securely. The presentation to the college funding board went very well and soon production will begin.  It was exciting to have been a part of this project.

Enticed by Mystery Quilts and Quilt Alongs

Bonnie Hunter

Like in 2015, I couldn’t resist joining a group of great ladies to make another mystery quilt lead by Bonnie Hunter.  This process started in earnest in early November with the next part given to us every Friday. Bonnie loves scrappy quilts, so we are talking about hundreds of pieces that do come together to make a beautiful quilt.  My problem this year, like last, is November and December are extremely busy and I can’t keep up with Bonnie! Read more here Mystery Quilt 2016 with Bonnie Hunter — Sewing with Stitcher

Yvonne the Quilting Jetgirl

Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along is a queen size I started in July 2016 and finished in October 2016.  It is the photo at the top of this blog. This quilt was designed by Yvonne who also led the quilt along. If you are interested in seeing more of her work, click here Quilting Jetgirl – Sewing at the Speed of Sound.

Meadow Mist Mystery Quilts

I have made several Meadow Mist mystery quilts, some even more than once. Midnight was the one we finished in 2016. The one that finished in 2015 was Foothills. 2017’s name I don’t remember, but I made it twice! 2018 finish was Magnolia. I encourage you to check out her designs and join in on her next mystery quilt. Even if you have never made a quilt, her drawings are easy to follow along with her instructions. Find her at

One I Almost Forgot

I nearly forgot this one was also done in 2016. Check out my blog here Mystery Quilt 2016 with Ann Johnson — Sewing with Stitcher

2016 – A Good Year Overall

Overall, the focus in 2016 made for a good year for Sewing with Stitcher.  Late in the year I opened StitcherMade on Etsy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to devote to really promoting my products well, although I did sell two quilts!  2023 update – It is so difficult to keep up with everything as a one-person business!  I am trying to “improve” not only this website, but my marketing skills!  In addition to my Etsy StitcherMadeShop, I am going to try a new venue and possibly reopen sales on this site.  Keep checking back!