First Finish for 2018!


My first finished project for 2018 – pretty Shamrock print pillow cases with a green top band!

It was one of those days when I just wanted to finish something.  I grabbed a bag from my UFO stack of quick finishes and wondered why I hadn’t finished them before they got to be UFOs!  But, it fit the bill for a quick project and something finished.  I can hardly wait to see what else I have in that stack!


If all goes well tomorrow, the new borders will be on the quilt I’m redoing for my son and his wife.  Any of the quilting that was disturbed when I removed the silver borders will need stitched over to secure the design.  Thinking I will continue the lines onto and across the border to draw it all together.  I believe it will give the impression of starlight coming off the stars quilted over the interior quilt.  My goal is to have this quilt completed and in the mail by the end of this month.  I did my business taxes today, so there is nothing else pressing.  I’m confident I will meet my self-imposed deadline.

Share with me what have you finished lately in the world of sewing and crafts.  It is always fun to know what others enjoy creating.  Don’t hesitate to share a photo to show off your work.  You’ll find the comment section right below.  If you haven’t already signed up to automatically get my posts delivered in your email inbox, it only takes a second to sign up where indicated.

Have a wonderful Sunday!