Fabric Scraps

an ongoing situation

Fabric scraps are an ongoing situation if you are a quilter. Scraps come in all sizes and shapes. Large scraps to so tiny you don’t know why you are keeping them. Like me who has been filling a jar with dog ears! I have no idea what I will do with them, but they will not be thrown away.

Past blogs written about scraps

I am in the process of decluttering my website. Therefore, I am reading posts I forgot I had written. The one theme that keeps showing up is what to do about fabric scraps and how to keep control of them. So, I thought it would be fun to take some quotes from the past posts and even a photo or two.

2019 I was working on scraps

In 2019 I shared how I was working on fabric scraps from what my family would cart upstairs to me from my cutting area. I had seriously injured my foot just before Christmas, so I was at their mercy. It was amazing how many stacks of scraps they couldn’t see, or they thought it was yardage! At least I did get the Christmas fabric taken care of.

Christmas scraps have been cut into usable shapes and sizes.

My scraps were living under the three tables I have put together and use as my cutting area.  They had long ago spilled over the sides of the tubs I had for them and were now inching out to cover my feet as I cut.  It was time to make a commitment to cut them all into sizes I would use – 5″ squares, 4.5″ squares, 3.5″ squares, 2.5″ squares, and 2.5″ strips of no less than 18″ long.  Smaller pieces went to the trash; a few to the applique box. Narrow strips less than 2.5″ or shorter than 18″ all went in my strip box I use when making rag bowls or strip blocks. (2023 Comment- What a plan! I’ve continued this system, but not so fussy about the lengths of strips. Oh, and I now cut and keep 1.5″ squares and 1″ squares. No, I don’t know what I will do with them, but just in case I run out of the bigger ones. Fabric scraps rule!)

2017 Focus on cutting

Today this is what I will focus on cutting and maybe even get to some pressing those on the ironing board!

That is a bit of work to do!

/2017-project-list-2/ for a bit more!

2018 One large basket of scraps

I have one large basket of scraps that always is in my path of travel. Regardless of where I am headed it is in my way. I was so close to kicking it to the hall when I opened a cabinet. There was a spot perfect for it!   Okay, not exactly perfect. So, I had to squish it to get it in. Leaning against the door for a bit got it to close.  I have already dealt with the fact that when removed the basket will go to the cutting table. I think I will nail that door shut!

(Note to self – don’t open that cabinet, you will not see the basket of scraps wanting to be cut. Problem I foresee – not remembering which cabinet I put it in.)

i made my point

I made my point so there is no reason to write or keep any other posts about scraps out-of-control. Don’t hold your breath for me to post I have no more scraps. They are part of who I am. They may even be the reason the concrete is settling in that one corner of the cutting room. In fact, if anyone wants to send me their scraps, they will have lots of company. I do use my scraps, but at the end of the project, I still have a pile of new scraps. At least they are not as big as when I started.