Distractions in Life

Life is full of distractions! Some are anticipated, but today one in particular no one could have predicted. Sometimes distractions just happen. Looking at it as part of life, I make it a temporary focus, knowing I must adjust a few things.

Volunteer Work

This time of the year, I am always a bit distracted from Sewing with Stitcher due to my volunteer work duties with Camp Oh Ah Lay Lay as registrar and finance director – the title that sounds impressive! I love GS camp. I missed it so much last year as did all our regular campers who come each year. Volunteering at this GS camp has been rewarding beyond words and I can’t imagine being uninvolved.

2020, the year COVID ruled, was a distraction from life as we knew it. We will still adjust for camp this year to be safe. Some adjust better than others. Some continue to deal with lingering COVID effects and are adjusting still. For so many, COVID is the most impactful distraction they have ever felt in their life. For all our sakes, may it be the last.

If Only Horses Could Talk

And then this past week threw a very unexpected distraction into the mix. My daughter’s 21-year-old horse was down. No matter what we did, she couldn’t get up. My husband found her at 8 AM. It was a long, sweltering day sitting by her side in the pasture for hours trying to figure out what had happened. The horse wasn’t talking. We had plenty of company from neighbors who came to lend support and eventually muscle.

Several hours after receiving an anti-inflammatory injection and being rolled to her other side, this determined horse had had it with being prone. She worked so hard, but at last she was again on all four feet! We learned when our regular vet came at 6 PM that the horse had slipped and pulled a muscle in one leg. She had fallen on it and was unable to use it to help push herself up. Rolling her put the uninjured leg to the advantage of eventually being able to get her up.

Recovery from this Distraction in Life

For our horse to have a full recovery from this distraction in life, she had to be confined to the round pen. Our pastureland is all moderately sloped and where she fell. The round pen is the only flat land for her. She has received 3 steroid shots as of today and is doing better, but it is still too soon to think she has healed. A few more days of anti-inflammatory drugs dusting her grain, and then a slow return to pasture life. The horse is content being on flat ground without knowing it was a forced way to deal with the distraction of whatever contributed to her fall. She is a fighter and will get through this simply fine

Time to Become Undistracted

Unless another emergency occurs to distract me the rest of this week, I hope I will not be distracted. Caught up on camp paperwork, so I want to focus on some sewing. I found peace working in the quilting room a bit yesterday. I need more time behind the sewing and quilting machines. That is my favorite way of dealing with non-emergency distractions!

Another Distracted day in my life

See what else has distracted me in Blame It on the Sunshine!

in conclusion

There will always be distractions. Some controllable; others not. Distractions define life by how we deal with it. Today I will deal with them from behind a sewing machine! How about you?