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Design a Dog or Cat

Pattern Pieces to Design a Dog or Cat

Pattern pieces to design a dog or cat came from a magazine, I think. It was a few years ago and now I’m going to have to go grab the notebook the pattern would be in if I still have it. I hope so because looking at this picture gives me lots of ideas. Slight pause as I go downstairs! I struck gold!

Not only did I find patterns for the dog and cat, but I also found one for a bunny I haven’t cut out yet. Luckily, the bunny pattern had the info I needed to lead you to the website where they came from. Copyright 2018 Arty Crafty Kids This is the link I copied for you They are called Newspaper Art Playful Pup and Cool Cat.

Applique Not My Favorite Activity

Applique is not my favorite activity and is why I use iron-on to fuse them down until I get in the mood to machine applique the edges. I made the dog and cat right after getting the pieces which had to be five years ago. I have told myself I should get the pillows made when I run across them while looking for something else. Still, they are waiting to be made into pillows. Or back-to-back on a baby quilt. Now, there is a cute idea!

Another Applique Project Waiting

Another applique project waiting is a 50’s retro quilt designed by Suzy Meyers of Suzy’s Sitcom. She is so talented, loves designing applique quilts, bench pillows, wall hangings, and anything else you might think of. Here is the retro quilt post /50s-retro-quilt/. Suzy can be found at

Share if You Design a Dog or Cat

If you design a dog or cat or even a bunny, please send pictures to share. Also, let us know if you are a machine appliquer or do it by hand. I’ll call it an informal survey.