Custom Valance

2022’s first order at StitcherMade is making a custom valance for a series of windows 12 feet long. I was provided a photo by my client of how they want the valance to look. They sent me the checkered fabric and all the dimensions I needed. From that information, I calculated the length of fabric cuts and number of panels needed.

Gratitude for Small Attachments

I am so grateful for the sewing machine gathering foot. No old fashioned two line of basting stitch to gather the fabric by pulling on the bobbin threads, praying the whole time they wouldn’t break. I needed 1260″ for the bottom ruffle. The gathering foot took the flat fabric I fed it and gave me a consistent gather ruffle on the other side of the needle.

Custom Valance Calls for Waterfall Ruffles

I still have more ruffling to do to make what I call a waterfall ruffle. Each waterfall requires 126″ of ruffled fabric. I’m not certain at this point how frequently I will ruch the valance fabric for a puffed swag design. My plan is to line the valance sections, stitch the rod pocket, then hang it on a rod in my quilting room over a 12′ section of wall/windows. Seeing it up will let me know if there is too much or too little fabric and make adjustments, if necessary. It will be easier to place the waterfall ruffles to make the swag when the valance is hanging.

Finishing the Custom Valance

I had hoped to have this custom valance completed and mailed to the customer in Texas by the end of the month, but it doesn’t look like that is feasible. With nine days left, maybe! I think in my next blog it will be fun to post the photo I worked from as well as the one I made for comparison.

How 2021 Ended

My quilt tops I wanted to quilt in December didn’t happen. Only 4 small items were quilted. I started a few new things and started was all the farther they got. Cleaning off my top shelf and my work area so I could take inventory and organize the containers a bit differently was my excuse for not sewing or quilting. The plastic containers holding projects are on the top shelf organized under these headings: 1) fabrics pulled/quilt pattern needed; 2) pattern with fabric; 3) fabric cut per pattern; and 4) pattern pieces cut, and some piecing done. I even wrote down a list of what is where, but I don’t know what I did with the list. I had no problem saying, “So long, 2021”. 2022 should be interesting.