Volunteer Work

Costume Sewing Fun

Costume sewing fun I had never thought about. However, when I was asked if I would help a dance group, I agreed. I would be making some alterations to existing costumes for the play Alice in Wonderland in June.  Also, I would be making others that would become part of the costume inventory at the venue. What a fun opportunity to lend my time and talent so young dancers could expand their experiences! I had my volunteer project for the year!

One of the Ace of Hearts card costumes I had fun sewing for Alice in Wonderland performance.

First Assignment

My first assignment was to make fourteen playing cards. White glitter felt along with some black felt and some red felt were provided. I also received a photo and list of sizes I was to make.  It was a simple project. What was time consuming was appliqueing the hearts/spades and A for aces on each front and back.


There were only a few alterations I was asked to make so costumes fit the dancer.  Alterations were as fun as sewing costumes from scratch. The alterations I made as temporary so they can be returned to the original size.  This is important if a costume requires the garment to be let out.  I have done the same in the past when altering some formals for proms. It is common for the dress to be sold/given to another girl needing the label size. All that will be required is removing the temporary fix.  There were two dresses that required a major decrease in the bodice size. It was necessary to cut away the fabric.  Sometimes you just must do what is needed.

I had fun sewing costumes from scratch and altering. I heard the performances were wonderful. Regretfully I was not able to attend, but I do know if asked again I would be thrilled to have fun sewing costumes.


Volunteering is something I enjoy doing and have done some unexpected things. Check for yourself at these links: https://www.sewingwithstitcher.com/robot-bumpers/ and /it-is-called-party-pocket/.