Costume Making Fun

Several weeks ago, I was asked if I would be willing to do some alterations on costumes for a dance group putting on the play Alice in Wonderland in June.  Each year I select one volunteer project.   I thought this would be a fun opportunity to lend my time and talent while helping young dancers expand their talent for the enjoyment of others.


My first assignment was to make 14 playing cards.  White glitter felt along with some black and some red were provided with a photo and sizes I was to make.  It was a simple project, but took time to applique the hearts/spades and A for aces on each front and back.

There were only a few alterations I was asked to make so costumes fit the dancer.  I was pleased I was able to do the alterations as temporary so they can be returned to the original size.  I think this is important when a costume will be worn again in some future performance and may require the garment to be let out.  I have done the same in the past when altering some formals for proms since it is common for the dress to be sold/given to another girl who may think she is getting the label size, which it will be when the temporary fix is removed.  However, there were two dresses that required major decrease size in the bodice and it was necessary to cut away the fabric.  Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do!

Next couple months I’m really mixing it up, business and spring cleaning!  As I get older, I notice after a day of up and down the ladder painting, I need at least one day that doesn’t require using the same muscle groups!  Those will be my business days – sewing, piecing, quilting, getting the books up to date, pattern drafting, and putting together proposals to a junior college for fall adult education classes I would like to teach.

Future blogs I am preparing:

  • Demonstration how to foundation paper piece without actually sewing on the paper
  • Quilt Along sampler starting with simple beginner blocks and each segment increasing skills will slowly be added, ending with a quilt of pride and skills to tackle most any pattern.  I have not decided if it will be a quilt as you go, or if focus on free motion quilting on home machine once it is a complete top.  I know I am leaning one way, but still not sure.
  • Most likely I will pop on and show you the samples I’m making to accompany the proposals to the college.
  • As I begin my journey on another Mystery Quilt, this time with Jinny Beyer my favorite fabric and pattern designer, I will share my progress and my nervousness about finally cutting into fabric I buy from her collections, including kits, and have NEVER CUT ANY OF THEM.  Yes, I know it is silly.  It is only fabric, but even typing this makes me hyper-ventilate.  They are so pretty and I don’t want to make mistakes and… where is a brown paper bag to breath into when you need one?!?!?

I will be fine.  I can cut Jinny Beyer fabric.  I can buy more.  I will be fine.  I can cut Jinny Beyer fabric.  I can buy more…

I hope you enjoy everyday as much as I do.  Sure beats the alternative!  I’d love to have you comment below so I know someone is actually reading my blog!  Hello?  Anyone there?