Coming in Fall 2018

I’ve been so busy the last few weeks doing a variety of things for Sewing with Stitcher and StitcherMade.  I’ve proposed 4 quilt/sewing related classes to a local community college to be considered for the fall catalog.  I am anxious to know if any are accepted and then it depends on how many register for the class if it will actually happen!  The classes are Foundation Paper Piecing for Beginners (actually sewing on the paper) and a second class on the same subject, but not sewing on the paper (like my previous blog).  The other are sewing with Kraft-Tex in making a zipper pouch and Hand Embroidery – Making a Comeback.

I also completed the EQ7 mock-up of a beginner sampler quilt.  I’ve worked off and on getting this quilt idea put together where each consecutive block will build on skills learned in previous blocks to give beginners confidence and a beautiful quilt top when they are done.  My plan is to now put together clear and concise instruction for a quilt-along in the fall.  I think it would be fun if I sent you a mock-up in your choice of colorway, so you would know how they would look in this quilt.  I am going to also offer kits for this beginner project with pre-cut pieces for each block and sashings, cornerstones, and borders.  Price to be determined for the kit very soon.

Here is the EQ7 mock-up of Progression in Wine and Cream.  Let me know if you are interested in doing the quilt-along and if you wish a mock-up in your colors.  I’d love to do this and hope there is interest.  As always, quilt-along is a free way for sharing something I love!  Let me help you start your journey into quilting!