Education For Stitcher

Classes to Succeed

Classes to Succeed

Classes to succeed in website development and eCommerce must happen if I want to be successful with drawing people to my blog and/or ecommerce stores. I now have the time and willingness to learn what it takes to make an online business successful.

So far, I am enrolling in online classes and am amazed at how much is available! I’m learning how to make sense of analytical reports, evaluate trends, marketing options, and online venues best for the items I want to sell. It is time consuming, but a necessary step for success. Honestly somedays I just want to hide in my sewing/quilting rooms and forget I have a laptop!

I started off with classes on SEO. Yoast SEO, offers a wealth of information in classes and through links. Check Yoast SEO out for yourself First certificate accomplished. Now I push on with the premium classes. Along with SEO classes, I am also scheduling marketing classes. Soon I will be looking at writing classes for SEO and pattern writing. I want to do some designing of quilts and will need to know how to write a clear instruction sheet if I decide to sell patterns.

Checking local trade schools to see what may be available locally for classes in textiles and clothing design/pattern drafting is on my agenda. I have found an avenue online out of Los Angeles, but it is a bit more than I feel I need. My focus is more one-of-a-kind and not mass production.

This link will take you to what else I will be pursuing. /stitchermade-for-judy-a-unique-privilege/ Boho and eclectic is what I want to promote by reusing and repurposing and redesigning. If you would like to receive notice of posts I write on this subject, please sign up by providing your name and email.