Girl Scouts Volunteer Work

Charlotte’s Web Scene

I chose to do a Charlotte’s Web scene the year the theme at GS camp was Movies. I was no longer a unit leader, but I could not resist decorating my screen tent. Each day after the girls went home, I would rearrange the animals and change the message Charlotte wrote on her web.

Charlotte Wrote on the Web

Each day Charlotte wrote on the web something pertinent to the day’s activity.  Monday – salutations; Tuesday – cheese (we were having camp pictures taken); Wednesday – friendship; Thursday – smores (guess what we did on Thursday!); Friday – memories.  

Daily the girls would visit my area to see what the animals were doing and to read the message!  Many wondered if Charlotte would die on Friday. They were worried I would be sad if that happened. I knew Charlotte’s web scene had to be extra special on Friday.

Friday Sadness

When the Girl Scouts came looking for me and the animals who lived at the barn, they found I had packed up everything in my area except Charlotte’s web. I hung it on a nearby tree.  Charlotte’s message that day was memories. The girls found me to tell me not to be sad because of my good memories. They reminded me of the great times I spent with Charlotte and her friends during the week. My memories are special from that year, but not because of the stuffed animals in Charlotte’s web scenes. They are special because of the caring and love I received from little girls with wonderful imaginations. Gotta love those little Girl Scouts!

If there was any sadness, it was because the week went by so quickly. However, knowing I would see most of them the next summer helped me say “good-bye” as they waved from the car leaving.

Wilbur's barn and his friends all gather to see what message Charlotte has for them each day from her huge web.


I like to do fun things when volunteering. Here are a couple other fun and unusual things I have done outside of Girl Scouts. and and