Busy Time of Year

I have been inconsistent posting which is not what I plan, but this time of the year is crazy busy for me with the Girl Scout Camp registrations pouring in. For a number of years I have gone through this February madness as the camp registrar, but I love it no matter how grumpy I may seem at times! We are so close to having a full camp already, less than a month of open registration.

Plus, I just posted a page about being mentored about how to build a website that fits my vision and will enhance the direction I am going. But, before that will happen, I have so much to learn!

On a personal level, my sprained ankle from a fall on December 18th is not completely healed, so I started physical therapy yesterday. I’ll be going two times a week for six weeks. My goal is to once again be pain free and to walk down stairs like a normal human being. The cool thing is one of the exercises resembles the motion a foot makes when sewing on a treadle machine! Think that will become my favorite exercise as long as I don’t over do it. My advice to everyone: stay upright on both feet. Tearing ligaments hurts for a long time!

Keeping this short since my “to do” list is very long and includes time in the sewing room. Started sorting fabric over the weekend and actually have a donation pile. Had to get honest with myself on those fabrics I’ve had forever and know I will never make anything from them. Plus, purging makes room for more new fabric!

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get some sewing done. Hope to have a St. Patrick project ready for you tomorrow!