Brief Look Back at 2016

In 2016, I found myself making a modern quilt – a world away from traditional quilts I make and love!  But, when I finished it, I realized the “right” modern patterns could become part of my go to library.  One thing for sure, it was one of the fastest huge quilt tops I’ve ever made!

On the traditional side, I used the Dresden plate pattern to make three wall hangings/table cloths.  They are on my list for 2017 to be quilted and get their bindings and sleeves.  These are huge Dresden plates, measuring almost 22 inches in diameter.  I’ll use 1930’s fabric to make a queen size Dresden plate bed quilt.










I continue to teach and especially love the young ladies (ages 8 to 12) so eager to learn the art of sewing.  One group has formed their own sewing club and all are pretty close in experience and skills.  An hour and a half is devoted to a project requiring a sewing machine; the last half hour is when I introduce them to hand sewing and they take home a small project to practice and bring back to show their work the next meeting.  Their parents are so pleased at the approach and knowledge I am sharing with their girls.

I was asked to do a prototype for a group majoring in marketing.  Their presentation of the prototype was well received by the college funding board and soon production will begin.  I am excited to have been a part of this project and have been requested to meet with them again to discuss heading up the production.

Like in 2015, I couldn’t resist joining a group of great ladies to make another mystery quilt lead by Bonnie Hunter.  This process started in earnest early November with the next part  given to us every Friday.  Bonnie loves scrappy quilts, so we are talking hundreds of pieces that do come together to make a beautiful quilt.  My problem this year, like last, is November and December are busy with the holidays and I can’t keep up with Bonnie!  This year I did better; I got some of the pieces cut out.  Last year, I was lucky to get the fabrics pulled!  So, those quilts are on the 2017 list!

Another Mystery Quilt I started in the fall 2016 gave more time to complete each step.  Directions only come once a month and are easy to piece.  I am up to date on that one and hope I can finish it up as scheduled, which I believe is April.  See Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt in my blog section.

Overall, 2016 was a good year for Sewing with Stitcher.  Late in the year I opened StitcherMade on Etsy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to devote to really promoting my products well, although I did sell two quilts!  I have hired someone to assist me in 2017 by taking over my Etsy store and all it involves.  I’ll be busy sewing according to that list!!!