Welcome to my blog where you can keep up with my activity as Stitcher with a dash of family/personal tossed in once in awhile.  There will also be an occasional educational post to give you a chance to learn to sew while in your pjs, if you want.

I’ve also made it easy for you to get my posts in your email.  You’ll see the place to subscribe at the bottom.  Just know you can always unsubscribe, but really, why would you?

Any blog is more fun if those reading leave comments!  You will easily find the comment section.  I’ll even pose a question to help, but I also want feedback to what I’ve shared.  How else will I know if you like the type of post you received?  Don’t be bashful!

There is a drop down listing of past blogs, in case you missed some before you signed up or want to review a certain one.  All you have to do is put your cursor on the word “Blog” above the skateboard quilt and they magically appear!  Sometimes you just have to love modern technology!

Several themes and techniques have changed since this was first written.  I’m working on an archive of blogs to put in the footer.

Updated 5/30/2020