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Welcome to my blog where you can keep up with my activity as Stitcher with a dash of family/personal tossed in here and there.  I’m hoping you will give me ideas of what you would like to read, otherwise who knows what I may produce!

I do want to attract new quilters and sewists with easy to read and follow on-line instructions.  It will also be a wonderful place to learn concise writing.

What Exactly is Concise Writing

Sometimes I can talk for hours about things many people cannot imagine being so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about. Take for example, needles and thread. There are needles made specifically to be used for different applications and threads.  Bet you didn’t know that needles have a right side and a wrong side of the hole to put the thread through! Or that the thread end should be cut at an angle to make it easier to thread.  And threads come in different weights, materials, and are made for specific uses and needles.  You know those stitches on jeans, the decorative ones up and down the leg seams and around the zipper?  There is a special jean thread and a sewing machine needle specifically named Jean Needle.  Well, you now see what I mean about going on and on.  I need something that will help with this problem if I am ever going to design patterns and write the instructions.

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I’d love to hear comments from you regarding what I post about.  It is nice to know I’m not talking/writing to myself.  I expect that when I talk to my kids when it isn’t what they want to hear but not from you!  It is difficult to know what tangent I may find more interesting than the purpose of my post.

Updated Again on 1/18/2023