Organizing a Workable Sewing Room

January 18th already!  Let’s take a look back and see what I’ve accomplished.  Organizing my room was pretty much done going into the week, although it is never really done.  See where I started and how I got here – Organization – What Works and Organizing Quilting UFOs

Organizing – An Ongoing Process

I put things I was unsure what I was going to do with in a corner out of my way.  Next, those items I was ready to put where they go cluttered my work space.






An inspiration Table

What to some looks like I just made a new unorganized mess, it is organized based on what I will be working on this year.  Where my cutting area use to be is now where I have displayed the fabrics, etc. used in my Judy line.

Inspiration happens when I see the chenille and other unique fabrics for clothing.  Today I have sketched out four potential items – a bolero top with “tails” in the back (think bull fighter), a jacket, a patchwork vest, and a jacket with comfy pull up pants with wide elastic waistband.  Next step will be constructing patterns.



New Location of the Cutting Area

This is now where I will be cutting.  Some UFOs are crowding the cutting mat.   Good reminder I need to work on them, plus there wasn’t anywhere else to stack them.

On the Shelves





Plastic cases and bins house the UFOs and kits.  On the top shelf are some of the sewing machines my students used.

One Item Completed; One Box of Scraps Ignored

I finished the Christmas applique table runner.  I added a back, stitched in the ditch to hold it with no other quilting, and folded the back over to the front and stitched it down!  One more finished!  And the overflowing basket of scraps I’m trying my best to ignore.  I will get to it some day.

What is on your agenda for the next seven days?  Are you going to be creative?  Leave a comment below to share with us.

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