Education Sampler Sew-A-Long

Block 8 – Airplane

I love this block, especially when made of bright fabrics against a sea blue background and rotated 90 degrees.  They look just like fish swimming in a school!  Perhaps you will consider having some fun with this pattern in a quilt for a child or someone with a playful nature.

You will need:

  • six light 2 7/8th squares and two of the dark fabric
  • two 4 7/8″ squares of the med dark fabric

Cut the med dark 4 7/8″ squares on one diagonal; you will have four pieces to lay aside.

Cut four of the light 2 7/8″ squares on one diagonal and lay them aside.

The remaining two light squares will be matched with the two dark, RST, and sewn a scant 1/4″ from the diagonal line.  Draw the diagonal line and then one on each side 1/4″ away (sewing lines).  Keep your stitches one thread width toward the center line for a scant 1/4″ seam.  Open and press to the darker fabric.

On each of the half square triangle blocks, two of the light triangles you set aside will be sewn to the dark sides.  Match the side of the light and dark triangles RST and stitch.  Press seam to the dark.  Do this on all four squares.  Once all light triangles are sewn and dog ears trimmed, lay out according to the photo.   Sew dark triangle to white triangles.  Sew top row, bottom row, and then rows together.  

How are your points?  If you sew with the white unit on top, you will see where the seams cross at the point with the dark fabric.  The seam  you are sewing to  connect the two triangles should be just at or above the cross of stitching if all seams are a scant 1/4″.   We all hate when we cut off points, but it happens.  I believe quilter Angela Walters will go over how quilting can draw the eye away from such areas.  I hope you are checking out her quilting challenges and practicing.

Until next week, happy piecing!  Can you believe next week we make the next to the last two blocks?