Baby Quilt Status

Baby quilt made it on the longarm frame and even one row of quilting completed, but it just overwhelmed the piecing.  I thought the swirling motif would be really fun, but it was just too dense and wasn’t right.  So, guess who will be ripping it out????  I have already chosen a more open, less complex motif I think will work much better.  So now I moved on to Plan C – It can always be mailed!

In the meantime, I discovered another baby quilt top I had in the “waiting to be quilted” pile.  I exchanged it for the other on the quilt frame and quilted it with a meandering star motif that is really perfect for the fence rail quilt design made with pastel fabrics and one with the cutest little yellow ducks.  I found the duck fabric intended for the back was just a few inches shy of being enough, so I took a pastel solid yellow fabric and lined each side and it worked out just like it was the original design I had in mind.  Love it when that happens :).

Tomorrow I will square up the quilt and attach the binding.  When completed I will post a photo.  If my niece arrives before I get the intended quilt completed, this duckie one will be going to Rose and the other will be offered in my retail corner and Etsy.   Nix Plan C!!!