Baby Quilt Design Change

I am making a quilt for my great-niece’s first baby – a sweet little Rose who has the smile of an angel!  I picked a cute owl print line with nice bright colors and lines to keep a baby and toddler attention.  The original block I chose turned out larger than I wanted for this quilt, but will be perfect for another I have in mind.  I put my 8.5″ scissors on top to give you an idea just how big the completed block was.


So, although I don’t have a Plan B other than decide as I go along, I have decided to snowball the corners of the 5″ charms with 2″ squares.  How I will actually put the 42 finished snowballs together is yet to be determined.  Sashing?  Maybe.  White or a color?  Guess it will be audition time with what is in the stash.  Border or no border?  Maybe a curved border or something equally intriguing!  I won’t know until the blocks are together.   Note the two blocks on the edge of the table are completed, so only 40 more to do!  That required trimming the 2.5″ squares from the original design down to 2″ squares for snowballing each charm – 160 of them plus 8 on the finished squares!

Stayed tuned for the next update!