An Overview of Sewing with Stitcher


Where better to share my week of sewing and quilting ups and downs than on a blog! I’ll document some of the process by photo, throw in some thoughts and ideas, and once in awhile share some family fun, like getting a new puppy!


I love to sew and quilt!  This is my place to share with you what I know about anything sewing/quilting related.  I like to simplify what can be intimidating to someone wanting to learn to sew.  Sewing is really just one stitch at a time.  I will write about subjects equally interesting to someone just learning to the experienced.  The Educational selection from the menu will open the door to subjects from thread to fabric selection; easy quilt patterns to perfect points and smooth curves; and, how tools and machines we use today have improved the products that can be made by hand or machine.


The third part of this website is StitcherMade, my little retail outlet of things I have made.  I’m a “one of a kind” artist, so you will seldom see identical items listed.  Listings happen as I complete things. 

I am also designing quilt patterns.  Creating seems to be the easy part; writing clear and precise directions is much more involved.  I hope to introduce them in the store soon.


A few years back, I was chosen by a delightful lady to design and sew for her clothing that would “make a statement when entering a room and again when leaving”.  My creative side was excited for the challenge to please this eccentric elderly lady who knew what she wanted and provided some beginning fabrics I was to use.  The common fabric she wanted in all that I made her was vintage chenille.  Some of the other fabrics provided were denim, curtains and drapes, tapestry, vintage handkerchiefs, lace and buttons.  Because I enjoyed the process of combining these unusual fabrics, I have continued designing and making a variety of jackets, vests, and bags using them.  You will find them in StitcherMade under  Judy, my designs in her honor.