Ready, Set, Sew to the Finish

Ready, set, sew to the finish sure sounds like a race! But, it is my new approach to making a quilt and getting control of my stuffed shelving unit. I went through a phase a few years back of helping other quilters thin their stash. They advertised on Marketplace, I think it was, and we quilters do need to help each other out, right?

I did the long drives to reach two different fellow quilters to buy what they no longer wanted. I bought so many kits and yardage at a fraction of the original prices. One lady gave me (yes, gave as in free) a beautiful Necchi sewing machine and cabinet.

It finally started to bother me. I could not shove one more thing on the shelves. Anyone could see yardage in kits was taking up valuable shelf space. My “ready, set, sew to the finish” idea sprouted! Advance cutting saves space and time to start sewing.

The Idea Sprout Took Root

I finally had a plan I could get excited about! If I took everything off the shelves and cut the tops, they would each fit in a shoebox. Unused yardage would go in the stash cabinet.

This was a brillant idea! I discovered once cut to pieces needed, the top easily fit in a plastic bin the size of a shoe box or a flat container used to hold scrapbook paper. I’m really loving this idea and discovered this about myself. I apparently really like quilts of many pieces – several hundred pieces!

After three or four hours of constant cutting, my ankle would hurt. No, I was not cutting with my feet or standing directly on hard concrete! I can’t cut accurately sitting, so I stand on a thick industrial grade floor pad.

Cutting is Completed

I will not be cutting for awhile. See all the cut tops neatly stacked and shelved! Advance cutting saves space and time to start sewing. “Judy” fabric finishes out the top shelf. Funny how the picture of my sewing area doesn’t look as messy in the photo! Guess I was picking up and putting away more than I thought.

Look at all those cut tops neatly stacked
!For the “Judy” Line closely guarded by the bear
What a mess after all that cutting!

List of Cut Tops

  • I Love Home
  • En Provence – Bonnie Hunter
  • On Ringo Lake
  • Oriental Sampler
  • Noah’s Animals – My Design
  • Bird Wise – 2 Panels:1 quilt,1 bag
  • Birds of Spring
  • Maryland Star Paper Piecing
  • Snowballs and Fence Rail (Disney)
  • 12 wine bags
  • 2 aprons
  • Bears in the Wild – My Design
  • Forest Critters – Panel w/My Design
  • Baby Animals – My Design
  • Hunter Star
  • Disappearing 4-Patch Star – MSQ
  • Lone Star
  • Antique Toyland
  • Moroccan Tiles
  • 3 grocery/farmer’s market bags
  • pot holders
  • crossbody bag


Stuff Still Bouncing in My Head

There is one kit I didn’t cut because it is Christmas, so I moved it to my Christmas cupboard. Out of site and off the shelf! It is truly beautiful and I can’t wait to make it. Even better, it was gifted to me by someone who started to make it and lost interest. From Timeless Treasures – Cardinal in the Pines.

I have been collecting fabrics for a few years to make my oldest daughter a girlie quilt of soft colors and flowers. She is the only female in her house and has received tons of quilts from me, but nothing girlie.

Once when I was visiting her in Texas she took me to some quilt stores. She stopped at a quilt displayed and softly said she really liked that particular quilt. I don’t know if she remembers that moment at all, but it has stuck in my head.

That was when I started collecting fabric and finally found the perfect pattern! In fact, I found two I thought would be beautiful in florals. Several times, I’ve contemplated what fabrics in each I could substitute my collection of fabrics. After a bit it becomes a bit overwhelming, so I have put it away and will try again when my mind is clearer. Here is Sweet Lizzie and Attic Treasures and the collection of fabrics.


I hope you have enjoyed the photos. To being able to start a new quilt by simply taking a box to a sewing machine sounds so exciting!

My quilt tops backed up on the design wall and hiding in tubs (yes, plural) I’d love to have quilted before May. A couple I am thread painting, so probably I will put those on the bottom of the pile. They will take a lot of hours to complete and I don’t want to feel rushed.

Month of May, I am going to focus on sewing for StitcherMade. Need to take some photos of what is ready to list. First I have to set up a photo shoot stage inside. Pollen is covering everything. I take 2 allergy meds year round and I still have reaction.

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