Activity in the StitcherMade Studio

The past thirty days of activity in the StitcherMade Studio has been busy with many projects.  There has been some new projects, some close to being finished, and some new starts.

The Bridesmaid Dress

Last month I told you I was altering a bridesmaid dress.  My client will try on the gown next weekend so I can check the chiffon overskirt is even with the underskirt.  Adjustments as needed, then the final hem can be stitched.  She will have it in plenty of time for the March wedding.

Quilted but Not Quite Finished

I quilted a few small things in my quest to get UFO’s quilted.  The list includes two table runners, a red-work wall hanging, a tablecloth with applique, and a patriotic lap quilt.  Everything is square and has fabric for the bindings.  Prairie points will be added to the patriotic quilt.  Plus, I’ve decided the tablecloth needs stitching in the ditch to keep the batting well secured.  Photos will be posted when they are fully complete.

Projects Underway

Monique Inspired Small Quilt:  I devoted one day to fuse applique blocks to go with the churn dash blocks.  I haven’t started the blanket stitch around the applique or cutting the setting blocks to frame the quilt with blocks set on point.  I will schedule these activities for one day next week in the StitcherMade Studio, along with finishing the piecing, preparing the binding, and deciding on a backing.

This is Monique’s blog where you can find what we are making

New Baby Noah’s Ark Quilt:  I really enjoyed making this quilt.  I precut all the pieces over a year ago so when I wanted to make a quilt I could get right to the sewing.  That was the best idea I’ve had!  I used embroidered blocks I did prior to cutting precut sashing and cornerstones to make the kit. After squaring it up, I added the borders. Next it will be quilted.  I even had premade the binding. 

350 Block Challenge 2021:  12 more blocks added; current total 23.

Projects on Schedule for 2/16-20

There is much more activity in the StitcherMade Studio the rest of this week.

Scheduled for the rest of this week are microwave safe items I’ve been wanting to make for my children and grandchildren.  8 bowl cozies, 3 bake potato bags, and 3 tortilla bags should take care of the 3 oldest kids and families.  My grandsons are getting a set of the same things since each have an apartment at their colleges and cook for themselves.  

For a change of pace, I want to work on a very old mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter named On Ringo Lake. I’m so close to being able to put the blocks together.

While husband watches TV at night, I like to listen and do hand sewing.  This week stitching down the bindings for those quilted items mentioned above will keep me busy in the evening.  I will have so many photos to share next post.

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