About Stitcher

This is Stitcher.

About Stitcher and how Sewing with Stitcher started with a rug. When my mother wanted to make braided throw rugs, I was five years old. That was when she taught me how to sew on her Singer sewing machine. Sewing strips was a boring task unless you are five! Thank goodness machines then had a knee lever to run the needle and not the foot peddle of today. I was much too short to have been able to reach a foot peddle on the floor. In fact, I had to sit on pillows to reach the sewing machine!

From there I graduated to making doll clothes. By middle school I sewed many of my own clothes for school. I am so happy my mother took the time to teach me this craft. I hope she knew how much happiness sewing has been for me. Read more about this special lady, my mom in my blog /quilt-tops-from-my-mom/.

Stitcher Became My Name

It is funny how Stitcher became my name. My given name is Paula. The post office is used to me getting mail addressed to Stitcher Hedges. 15 years ago, I needed a camp name as a GS camp volunteer. I was at a loss for a fitting name. To avoid the director giving me a name like Cucumber, Stitcher popped out of my mouth. Some of the girls at camp don’t even know I have a “real” name. So, I answer when called Stitcher as easily as I do Paula or Mom.

Sewing with Stitcher

Several young moms encouraged me to start Sewing with Stitcher, a sewing school so their daughters could learn to sew. Eight months later (2014), I had a business plan drawn up and the application for a business license from the State in my hand. As they say, the rest is history. I instructed girls from ten up. Some classes had both mom and daughter as students. Word of mouth soon sent me other kinds of work. I did alterations, hemming, even sewed ten panels of twelve feet long lined drapes together so they would pull as one.

New in 2015

I wanted to try something new in 2015. I closed the physical school and took the school on the road. One young girl invited her friends to come to her house one evening a week to learn to sew. Easy projects to take home were popular with Girl Scout Troops. We started by making a pillowcase and finished out the day making tote bags or throw pillows with a decorative working zipper. I also had adult women enjoy me coming to their home. I taught projects and techniques to acquaint them with what their machine could do.

What I’m Doing in 2023

What I’m doing in 2023 is still an educational theme. I’ve taken off my teaching hat for a bit and am now a student refreshing some pattern drafting and writing skills. I am also designing a clothing line called Inspired by Judy. You can learn more about the background of how I got there at https://www.sewingwithstitcher.com/stitchermade-for-judy-a-unique-privilege/.

When I want to feel like I know absolutely nothing, I pick up an analytics class. I love numbers, but analytics remind me of the college statistics class I registered for and promptly dropped after two classes.

Follow My Journey

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I recently (June 2023) updated a blog that really has nothing to do with Sewing with Stitcher or StitcherMade. It is about a personal mishap I tried to find humorous and wrote about /upright-and-then-i-fell/