A Table Runner for Spring

All I needed to do to finish this beautiful table runner was a little free motion quilting and bind it, but it kept getting put to the bottom of my little things to finish.  Then one day I so needed to “finish” something!  So, I pulled it out, did the free motion quilting on my home machine where the computerized daisies didn’t fill in, put on the scrappy binding, do a hexagon signature label on the back, and felt like I finally had made some progress by finishing something!  Don’t we all have days like that, even in house cleaning?

So this will be in StitcherMade on Etsy if anyone reading this is interested in purchasing it or maybe something else you see I’ve made.

Approximately 16″x44″ Love black prints!Greens didn’t photo wellMy favorite combo!

Signature label on back.Quilting motif.

The greens in the picture are so off.  One of the problems of rain and artificial lights when doing photos inside.  The back is more olive green with a reddish/orange design.  I will try to get photos that show the truer colors and post them if I am successful!