A New Quilt Top

The other day I just needed to start something new.  Quilters seem to get that urge to do a quick project in the middle of a longer project.  I guess it is that need to complete something!  Anyway, I chose Sticks and Stones, already cut out and neatly waiting in a box along with directions.  I remembered the pattern as one that was easy to do and only uses one block pattern.  Definitely goes together quickly once I find my way to the sewing machine.  I couldn’t wait to get the first 4 blocks done so I could see what it will look like.  I just finished pressing the sets of rows so thought this was a good time to give you a peek!  It has a scrappy look, but think it will come together nicely.  The back will be the same red as on the front.  The border is what I think makes this pattern unique.  Check back soon to see the completed top, hopefully tomorrow!

Monday I begin my Spring Break travel with my youngest who graduates from high school in June.  Our trip is to South Carolina so she and her online friend of 7+ years will finally get to meet one another is person!  I hope I don’t get so wrapped up in the emotion that I forget to take pictures!