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’50’s Retro Quilt

’50’s Retro quilt blocks aren’t little, but these three blocks sure have lots of little pieces. Suzy of Suzy’s Sitcom loves applique and has designed several patterns I have. She is incredibly talented, and I think she must be related to the Energizer Bunny. She accomplishes so much; she surely doesn’t need much sleep!

I still need to do some embroidery work, thread or fabric paint detailing, and machine applique on these fused blocks. Doesn’t look finished to me until they are secured by machine.

I just noticed the middle car at the drive-in theater is missing a taillight! I need to fix that. At least it wasn’t fused to the bottom of the iron. If I put the glue side up instead of down that is what happens!

These are blocks 2, 3, and 4 of the ’50’2 Retro quilt. Who doesn’t remember car-hops? That was my first job! And bowling was fun, skill didn’t matter unless you drop the ball on the back swing, and it lands on someone’s foot. And he was such a nice guy! I did better going to the drive-in movies – only forgot where the car was once when coming back from the snack shack.

Update: 5/29/2023 I have not made any more of the blocks for this ’50’s Reto quilt since this the original post. However, I do have all the fabric and pattern pieces in a crate! I should pull that out and get it on my list of long overdue UFOs to finish. I could put this on the same list Design a Dog or Cat.

Enjoy seeing more of Suzy’s designs. Be inspired by Suzy’s talent.