Updates and Changes – Oh My!

My dear son Andrew once again saved his mom and truthfully the laptop I was about to stomp on by doing his magic behind the scenes!  Word Press who I use decided to do a big update to make putting together posts/pages “easier” with the ability to move things around in “blocks” so websites such as this can be more personalized.  Sounds good and I will give it a try, even if somewhat unwillingly.  So, please, if my posts/pages look really shall we say unusual,  just know I’m on a learning curve.  It may be a spiral curve with no light at the end of the tunnel, but I feel the cheesecake I made my son as a thank you isn’t enough gratitude and I should not throw up my hands and scream or stomp without giving it the good ole college try!  Plus, I think I burned the crust!

My plan tonight is to list all the items ready for StitcherMade!  Some will just have to wait for next Christmas, since it is unlikely I can get much more made make to get to you by the 25th.   Of course, not all are Christmas themed.  Gift items will be included and will remain in the store.  

Thank you for being patient with me.  I’ll be sharing my 2019 business plan with you soon and my word for the year!  Each year I pick a different word and try to make it my direction for the year.