2023 Organize UFOS

This alien in a cartoon UFO is looking for the new UFOs he just heard about!  He can't wait to hopefully meet a really cute quilt UFO and take it back to his people.

Organizing Tells the Story of the UFOs

I want to talk about quilting UFOs in my sewing room. Each year the first thing I do is take inventory while I am organizing the UFOs. I cannot deny the story it tells about how many UFOs are lingering from years past. Another year, plastic containers keeping pattern and fabric together get dusted and reshelved. However, I renamed the shelf areas, so it does look a bit “changed”. No matter how I try to disguise it, I confess. Many from the 2020 inventory are on each subsequent year list, including this one. They have been joined by others. If I have learned anything about running a small business, there are great intentions and then there is the proof.

What Defines a Quilt UFO?

In the quilt world, UFO stands for “Un-Finished Object”. In my sewing room, it is any quilt project I pull fabric for because the fabric looks nice together but no pattern in mind. It goes into a see-through container and on the shelf under – Has Fabric, Needs Pattern. As it moves through the new system, it will continue with the UFO status until it is quilted and usable. In 2021 Quilting Marathon Revisited in 2023, you will get a peak and what lurks in another room!

What Isn’t a Quilt UFO?

Briefly, if it isn’t a quilt, in my shop it is considered a “quick project”. Examples would be totes, bowl cozies, tortilla micro warmers, stuffed toys, zipper bags, and other items that won’t end up on a quilting frame. These projects are stored in plastic bags and in the new system are placed in a dresser for when I have anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours to sew. Occasionally, I simply need something to start and finish in a day!

I don’t keep track of non-UFOs. I will someday if I get desperate to physically mark something off a list.

Education in 2023

Education in 2023 will be a focus for me, so what the quilting UFO list looks like in 2024 might not change a great deal, certainly should not grow! Cutting back significantly on my yearly volunteer hours provides an opportunity to improve many skills needed to run a more successful small business/ecommerce shop all by myself.

I also desire to learn how to use the computer program I have installed to aid in designing quilts. Plus, a refresher course in writing concise step-by-step pattern directions will be so helpful.

If that isn’t enough on my education platter, I am researching the best place to take classes on textiles, garment design fundamentals, and watch the markets for the eclectic clothing line Inspired by Judy I want to introduce to the public.

These are not new desires. The only difference this year is the opportunity for me to turn those desires into skills. So many quilting UFOs from 2020 and a few before that time are still on the shelf waiting! This link is to a site I really enjoy because well, she has UFOs, too. 2022 Final Countdown, Task Three | Prairie Moon Quilts