2021 Quilting Marathon Revisited in 2023

2021 quilting marathon revisited in 2023 had to written to point out some things that never change like we think they will. Like my quilting UFOs, although I have made a dent in those so far this year. And they are getting added to the “needing quilted” totes.

Changing the date on the original post Goal for December – Quilting Marathon to July 2023 would work. I think many that were waiting in December 2021 are still waiting. My goal really was unrealistic, yet I was challenging myself to be so disciplined. Here is the original first paragraph of that post.

Remainder of 2021 Goal for December

Yes, my goal for a December marathon quilt fest was the plan. “A tote full became two.! There are 15 to 20 waiting tops. It will be great if I can knock them all out. I guess time will tell how disciplined I am!” I do believe it is fair to say, “not that disciplined!” when it came to a quilting marathon in 2021.

What is in Store for 2022? (Definitely not a quilting marathon!)

I want to seriously focus on the clothing line “Inspired by Judy”. I’ve gathered my sketches plus am doing online research on current eclectic clothing designs. The styles and prices I found online were encouraging. UPDATE: July 2023, my new studio for this new company of StitcherMade is so close to being done and move in ready. I’m waiting for one piece of furniture to arrive early next week, and I will be working there at least until mid-afternoon each day. Then maybe I will focus on those waiting tops to be quilted!

Wrapping Up This Blog and 2021 Posting – Goal for December a Little Daunting

This was the last heading of the original post. Obviously, I was realizing the goal was not going to be reached. But the challenge remained. I am trying to not make outlandish demands on myself; however, some habits are harder to break than others! A quilting marathon will not be on future goal lists!

In the UFO room, a similar story continues /2023-organize-ufos/