2021 Finally – Balance for a Small Business Owner

Although not much different than how 2020 ended, I have renewed hope this coming year will be “stress less” for me. 2021 finally!

One of the most difficult things being a small business owner is balancing time between personal and business responsibilities. The drawback of having my business at home are the distractions; on the plus side, no dresscode and I save a ton on gas.

Rather than make resolutions for the year, I like to plan new approaches to life to rid myself of those previous year changes that just weren’t working for me. Computer time for the business is without question the one thing that takes a big chunk of my time. As much as it would be nice to hire someone to take on computer tasks, the business must stay a one-person adventure for now. However, I think I have come up with some new things to try to lessen time at the keyboard.

Etsy will be my only outlet at StitcherMadeShop when I close my Shopify account later this month. Visit often and checkout what is listed. There will be seasonal sales after the season/holiday. Right now I have a sale going on for Fall/Halloween and Christmas. Check it out either on Etsy StitcherMadeShop or at I’d love to have you take advantage of unbelieveable sale prices.

Pursuing more designing and quilting time is definitely getting written into 2021 schedule. A variety of things along with quilts will continue to fill my Etsy shop.

My personal choice to get away from Facebook and Instagram has to do with some policy changes they made. I believe it is the best decision for StitcherMade at this time. I hope you will continue to follow me here.

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